Stormwater Control Solutions

Do your project plans call for bioinfiltration areas, bioretention basins or biofilter soil? Save time and money while meeting the project’s requirements by using pre-blended Engineered Soil from Waupaca Sand & Solutions.

Storage-layer gravel, and other bioretention for infiltration materials also available!


Engineered Soil

  • Precision blended to meet DNR 1004 Bioretention for Infiltration standard
  • Blend of compost meeting S100 specification, ASTM C33 sand, and topsoil


  • Meeting DNR S100 specification
  • Traps heavy metals and gasoline-range organics from stormwater runoff

Specialty Sand

  • Meeting the DNR’s recommended ASTM C33 specification
  • Precision-fractionated, washed and dried silica sand
  • Used in Engineered Soil blend and sand storage layer

Storage Layer Gravel

  • Meeting coarse aggregate #2 specifications of Wisconsin Standards and Specifications for Highway and Structure Construction

Pea Gravel

  • Used in layer between Engineered Soil planting bed and storage layer
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