Our History

Yes the rumor is true. Waupaca Sand & Solutions’ parent company, Faulks Bros. Construction, was founded in 1946 by two brothers, Syd and Oliver. Using two shovels and an old Army troop transport truck, the young men shoveled sand and gravel onto the truck and then shoveled it off at their customers’ delivery site!

Fortunately, Waupaca Sand & Solutions’ deliveries aren’t made that way any more. However, the company’s same devotion to service still exits.

In the mid-1990s Syd’s sons Bob and Randy expanded the family business to include several new ventures.  One of their new endeavors was forming Waupaca Sand & Solutions to meet the rising demands of golf courses and athletic fields for consistent-quality maintenance materials. Thanks to a solid group of employees dedicated to their customers, Waupaca Sand & Solutions grew to become the Midwest’s leading supplier of topdressing materials, precision-blended construction mixes, and other sports maintenance materials.

Waupaca Sand & Solutions’ multiple locations allow prompt delivery of affordable products to customers throughout the Midwest. By supporting the industries they are involved in, and by listening to customers’ needs, Waupaca Sand & Solutions will remain the go-to source for golf courses and sports fields for years to come.