You don’t know Dave.

But chances are he’s left his mark on your golf course. That new tee you built. Your greens construction project. Dave may very well have made the construction mix you used.

You don’t see Dave.

He works in dusty sand pits. From sunup till sundown, Dave does the dirty work. There’s little glory in mixing the sand and peat that superintendents turn into glorious golf courses.

You can’t catch Dave.

We call Dave our “million mile man.” He has crisscrossed the United States countless times. From coast to coast, he’s blended rootzone mixes for golf courses, football stadiums, soccer complexes, baseball fields, and cricket pitches.

But we know Dave. 

Dave is a tireless worker with an outstanding attitude, a quick smile, and a hearty laugh.  Dave is an American hero who served our country in the Navy. Dave lost his battle to cancer this week. We love him and miss him. Rest in peace, Dave.

Written by Dena DiVincenzo