Your infield is bad.  It just doesn’t play the way it should. It’s too greasy when it’s wet, and it’s a dust cloud when it’s dry.

But you’re stuck with it, right?

Replacing the infield dirt is out of the question. You can’t afford the cost or the time to rebuild the field. And throwing down expensive drying agents is breaking your budget.

What else can you do?

Now, you can improve your infield mix with minimal cost and disruption by changing its sand, silt, and clay structure. Just call Waupaca Sand. We will:

  • Visit your field to professionally take representative samples of your infield.
  • Have your infield mix tested by an independent laboratory.
  • Then, we’ll use our proprietary analytical system to specify how to best amend your field.

Incorporate the specified sand, silt, and clay amendment with your existing mix, and regrade the field for an improved infield for less money.

Schedule a field visit today.