Another victim of Hurricane Katrina will soon have new life. Waupaca Sand & Solutions’ sister company, SportZmix, recently provided mound clay for the renovation of Wesley Barrow Stadium in the Pontchartrain Park area of New Orleans.

The stadium was devastated by Hurricane Katrina nearly seven years ago. Afterwards, the once-great field was never repaired. Tall weeds were growing through the stands. Debris was still scattered across the area.  The stadium is now undergoing a $5.3 million renovation.

After the renovation, Wesley Barrow Stadium will host a Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy. The Urban Youth Academy will offer free year-round programs to promote baseball among minority children. The academy also emphasizes keeping youth in school and off the streets.

The revitalized stadium will feature SportZmix’s red clay in the pitching mound, batters boxes, and bullpen areas. SportZmix also consulted in the production of the growing media for the replanted turf areas.

We are proud to have played a small part in bringing baseball back to this community.