What is the correct sand to use when building a beach?  The types and sizes of sand on naturally-formed beaches vary widely.  So there is no one set of standards or specifications to follow when building a beach from scratch.  Instead, use these guidelines to select the best sand for your new beach.

1. Put the Comfort of Beach-Goers First

The most important consideration is the feel of the sand.  Patrons will be walking in bare feet.  So choose a rounded or sub-angular sand.  Angular sands will be sharp and abrasive.  Also, make sure the sand is screened free of stones.

2. Minimize Dust

Nobody wants dust blowing in their eyes.  Avoid having a dusty beach by selecting a sand that contains minimal amounts of silt and fine sand particles.

3. Aesthetics Matter

A beautiful beach is warm and welcoming.  Pay attention to the look of the sand.  Chose a color that appeals to you.

4. Watch the Beach Budget

Use a local or regional sand to reduce the cost of transporting sand.