Introducing a new bunker sand from Waupaca Sand & Solutions!

New McHenry Pioneer Bunker sand is unlike any other bunker sand being manufactured in Illinois.

This sand has a high penetrometer value, so there is a very low tendency for the ball to bury.  Golfers’ shots will set up high on the sand. No fried egg lies in bunkers built with McHenry Pioneer.

All other values fall well within long-established bunker guidelines. Particle sizing, angle of repose, infiltration rate, and setup are right on target for great bunker performance.

You’ve got to experience this sand for yourself. It feels different in your hand. It plays different than the typical local sands used in the Midwest. This is because of the unique production process this material goes through.

Have you been looking for a next-level bunker sand? Build a test bunker with McHenry Pioneer. You won’t regret it.