What is pétanque? It’s a French game similar to bocce ball or lawn bowling. The goal is to throw metal balls as close as possible to the small ball named a cochonnet.

Pétanque is played on a hard surface. The game can be played on a formal court or in a makeshift area for impromptu matches. Surfaces vary, but many players prefer the playing area to be a fine crushed aggregate. Stone provides good drainage for a drier surface.  Properly-graded aggregate also forms a firm, stable surface important for playability and participant safety.

For this pétanque court at Northside Park in Wheaton, Illinois, the owner chose fine-screened red granite. This material combines an attractive look with excellent playability.

Want to learn the basics of the sport? Check out this timeless video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s9BpxOsOY4