Fall is in the air. Football season is beginning. Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to work on your baseball field.

Put your baseball field to bed this winter in great condition, and it will be ready for you earlier in spring.

Don’t take a chance on spring weather giving you time to do maintenance on your field. Get it done now. Remove those lips, fill low areas, regrade the field, patch the mound.

Doing ballfield maintenance in the fall instead of spring is some of the best advice we can give. Spring weather is often poor, and everyone is impatient to get games in. Too often, working on ballfields in spring causes more damage than it fixes if you can even get on the field to work it. Then your spring season gets played on a field not in the condition you want it to be.

Give yourself a big head start on spring baseball season. Get out and do that ballfield work now!