“My topdressing sand stays clean and dry.”

“It’s easy for one guy to just pull up with the topdresser, drop some sand in, and drive back out.  It’s much more efficient than loading sand out of a bin.”

“Always having dry sand for our light topdressing applications is invaluable.”

A topdressing storage silo is the ideal addition to your operation. A silo makes your crew more efficient when topressing. It keeps your sand clean and dry to make it easier to work into the turf canopy.

As an added bonus, your Fines Free Kiln Dried Topdressing Sand is stored in clean, dry silos. It is double processed through our sand fractionating plant. It is delivered in enclosed pneumatic trucks with no exposure to rain, snow, or outside elements.

Call your Waupaca Sand rep today to find out how a sand storage silo can be a benefit to your course.

Learn more about sand silos here: http://www.waupacasand.com/solutions-center/golf-course-solutions/sandstor-silo.html