Is your infield slippery? Is it slick? Or muddy? Do baserunners and fielders slip and slide around your baseball field?

How about when your infield is dry? Is it dusty and hard?

These symptoms are likely the result of having too much silt in your infield. Having too much silt is a very common problem. It can happen because of the infield mix manufacturing process, or because soils native to your area are naturally silty. Often it can be fixed, or at least improved to give you a better playing baseball or softball field.

Get your infield mix tested. Find out if your ratios of sand, silt, and clay are out of balance.  If they are, call an infield mix expert to determine how to get your field in proper balance so it can be safer and perform better for the players who use it.

Learn more about how to improve a silty infield by visiting or calling Waupaca Sand & Solutions.

Written by Dena DiVincenzo