“$6.00 HAIRCUTS!” the sign outside the new barbershop announced.

Soon after, a sign went up at the barbershop across the street proclaiming, “WE FIX $6.00 HAIRCUTS!”

This is a classic marketing story. Told so perfectly that I’ve wondered if it’s true. Until I saw a hair salon near my house touting that they fix cheap haircuts. I laughed as I thought the owner must have recently heard the same tale.

Then it hit me, our company could easily hang that same banner outside our office. Instead of fixing haircuts, we fix cheap infield mix.

Infield mix in Illinois has historically been two thing – cheap and silty. Playing on, and maintaining, these ballfields can be difficult. Silty fields can get too hard and dusty during dry weather. After a rain they quickly become slippery.

Now, there is a manageable solution for these types of fields. Waupaca Sand & Solutions scientifically analyzes your fields and recommends the best amendment to improve your baseball field’s performance.  We have found that most “bad” baseball and softball fields can be fixed without an expensive full-field replacement.

Call us today to learn how we can fix the cheap infield mix on your ballfield.