During the Packers-Seahawks game, we felt the ramifications of using replacement referees. The NFL chose to use inexperienced referees who made inconsistent calls. That decision negatively impacted the Packers’ season and the integrity of the NFL.

Don’t make the same mistake.

When caring for your golf course, only used consistent sand made by an experienced producer. Trust your topdressing and bunker sand only to qualified producers of golf course sands. Make sure your sand is tested to meet USGAA® standards. And confirm that testing shows the sand to be consistent year after year.

It may be tempting to use cheaper lower-quality sands. But, consider the negative impacts it could have. Unless those sands are manufactured specifically for golf course use, they could cause layering in your greens, puddles in your bunkers, and other maladies on your course.

For the integrity of your golf course – don’t use replacement sand.