A pale brown infield looks so ordinary.

We’re seeing a trend. Ordinary baseball fields are becoming extraordinary by installing red infield mix. From major league baseball stadiums to little league ballfields, more field managers are using red products to showcase their best fields.

Why is the color red becoming more popular? We think it’s because the contrasting colors simply look great.  What’s more beautiful than a deep red infield and sharp white lines against lush green grass on a sunny summer day?

Fall is the best time to transform your baseball field from ordinary to extraordinary. If you prepare your field now, it will be ready when you need it in spring. Don’t wait and take a chance that the weather will allow you to work on your field before scheduled spring games begin.

Ask us how Sure-Hop Home Run Red Infield Mix, AAA Sure-Hop Red Infield Mix, Red Tread Warning Track Stone, and Red Diamond Infield Topdressing can make your field look and play better than ever before.