Should all infield mixes be the same? Can a little league infield use the same mix as a major league infield?

How much sand, silt, and clay are ideal?  What sizes should the sand particles be? How can you scientifically measure the difference between “good dirt” and “bad dirt?”

ASTM F2107 provides some guidelines for what an infield mix should be comprised of. But, should a true standard specification be created for infield mix?

SportsTurf Magazine recently posed similar questions to many experts in the baseball industry. Waupaca Sand & Solutions was asked to give its opinions on those topics. We shared our experience with manufacturing infield mixes, knowledge of raw materials, and our customers’ preferences with the editor of SportsTurf.

Infield maintenance is an art and a science. Because of that balance, the discussion on infield mix standards will likely be ongoing for a long time.