Baseball recently made a comeback to the Village of Rock Springs. In 2008, the village experienced major flooding. Several buildings and houses were severely damaged, including the village’s only baseball field. The field was under 10 feet of water for several days. After the water finally receded, it left behind silt, sediment, and other debris. Efforts to repair field were minimal as sufficient funds were not available.

The Wisconsin Sports Turf Managers Association undertook the renovation project on September 21st. Waupaca Sand & Solutions is proud to have helped bring baseball back to the Rock Springs community.

There was one day to complete the renovation and the all-volunteer WSTMA team got it done. The infield transformation started with grading of the sub-base, sod cutting, lip removal, and edging the grass lines. Next came installation of the Sure-Hop Home Run Red infield mix which had been pre-blended with calcined clay conditioner. The infield mix was precision graded, raked around the field edge, and compacted. The volunteers then added a layer of vitrified clay topdressing, and installed bases, home plate and the pitching rubber.

Meanwhile, other WSTMA members were tending to the turf areas. The outfield and hips were double aerified and topdressed with sand. The entire field was slit seeded to incorporate an 85/15 seed blend, and a fertilizer was applied to help jump start the grass.

At the end of the day, the project was complete.The village of Rock Springs had an outstanding-looking red baseball infield and turf that will establish strong and healthy.

Thanks to all of the contributors for their time, participation, donations, and support of another successful “WSTMA Extreme Field Makeover!”