“It’s hard to see the ball on this field.”

“I get a headache from looking at the field when it’s sunny.”

“Professional fields aren’t white.”

Do you love your limestone ballfield, but hear complaints about its white color? Good news! It’s easy to change your field’s color without sacrificing playability.

Simply add Quickpitch Red Limestone Infield Mix over your field. Spread it, grade it, line it and play on your new red hot field.

You will instantly have a safer and more professional-looking ballfield. The red color contrasts with the ball so players can see and react quicker. The sun’s glare off of the field is reduced.

Quickpitch is made specifically for baseball and softball infields. It has all of the playability characteristics you love. It dries fast. The playing surface is firm. It is screened free of stones that cut players’ knees. The only difference from the white limestone you’re using now is the great red color.

Make your fields red hot (and safer) today!

Bonus Tip: to reduce dust, cover your limestone baseball field with Red Diamond Infield Topdressing.