As the calendar approaches spring and St. Patrick’s Day, we begin to think “green.”

All of you are pressured to keep your golf course green and to mask the divots that constantly plague your fairways and tee boxes. Gone are the days when golf courses could afford to put down green sand to mask the blemish until the turf recovers. You are pressured to make divots recover faster. While at the same time, you are challenged to limit water usage.

If you have the ability to repair divots with your labor force, we have a cost-effective, green solution:

Use one of Waupaca Sand’s compost or soil-based divot repair mixes. Put this down first to jump-start germination. Then, sprinkle a light covering of our Masquerade green sand if your membership or greens committee dictates that you use green sand. Better yet, educate them on the natural alternatives and forego “green” cover-ups all together. This may seem counterintuitive to a company that sells green sand, but we want to offer you some alternatives to save your greenbacks.

Written by Sharon Riesenbeck