It was great to see all the assistants at the 3rd annual Assistant Superintendent Seminar at Whispering Springs in Fond du Lac. This group of up-and-comers faces unique challenges as they strive to set themselves apart in the field they are so passionate about.

The seminar speakers presented excellent topics to help develop future head superintendents. It was a great chance to acquire new tools to continue career growth.

  • Greg Wojick from Playbooks for Golf gave several tips on career development and how to stand out above the rest in your field. He highlighted the importance of education, confidence in core values, and attaching value.
  • Jerry Kershasky and Bryan Bergner from Westmoor CC spoke about interacting with boards, committees and other decision makers. The focus was “street smarts” as Jerry put it, setting up a network at your club and having the key players in your “web.”
  • Steve Randall, the GCSAA Senior Manager of Chapter Outreach, elaborated on their certification process.  He noted steps to take towards certification and career advancement.

I look forward to seeing a lot of you in my travels. This season as assistants and sometime in the future as head superintendents.

Good luck, and keep up the hard work!

Written by Rob Johnson