Many of our customers know that we make custom rootzone blends and even custom bunker sands.

However, did you know that we add a secret ingredient to all of our mixes? I’ll let the cat out of the bag. Our secret ingredient is outstanding customer service!

When you call Waupaca Sand & Solutions, you are greeted by a cheerful young lady, Kelly, a 12 year employee.  She’s never in a bad mood and you can hear the smile in her voice as she takes your call. We call Kelly our “Director of First Impressions.”

After she transfers your call, you get another taste of the “secret ingredient.”

Kari’s signature line is, “you betcha!” when you place your order. Jane’s trademark phrase is, “let ‘er rip”  Customers love their jargon. I often hear how much they love working with these ladies. They have grown “CUSTOMmed” to it.

This season has been a very demanding one.  As the days get shorter and the darkness lasts longer, hopefully dialing 715-258-8566 will brighten your day!