Did you hear your turf breathe a sigh of relief during that first cool, fall-like night? I think every turf manager in the Midwest is happy about the arrival of cooler nighttime temperatures. The turf in our region certainly took a beating this summer.

To strengthen your turf for next year’s battles, now is the time to improve its soil structure. In the fall, when turf growth slows, it’s the ideal time to topdress.

Applying proper topdressing material in conjunction with fall aerification provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Leveling field & filling divots
  • Reducing compaction and improving root growth
  • Aiding in thatch breakdown
  • Improving water infiltration

Select materials that will help accomplish your topdressing goals and are compatible with your field’s soil profile. Using incompatible materials may create layering and adversely affect drainage. Send core samples of your field to an industry-recognized sports turf testing laboratory for analysis of materials if necessary.

For advice on starting a topdressing program, contact Waupaca Sand & Solutions. Enjoy the fall weather!