I once had a customer who wanted to reuse his old bunker sand somewhere on his golf course. This sand was over 25 years old and it wasn’t very pretty! But, after much sample taking, measuring, and submitting it for independent testing, we determined that it could be used to rebuild his tees.

I have to admit, at the beginning of this quest I had my doubts. However, by the end, I was beaming with pride as our team had helped a customer not only save money but end up with beautiful tees! Of course, Waupaca Sand & Solutions did not sell any more material as a result of this process, but we can now offer another way to assist a customer who is going through a bunker renovation.

Some of our favorite customer requests have been when they ask if we can make a sand or mix specially for them. It is fun to get creative and research and test materials in search of the right solution for a customer.

Our family-run company has been in the business since 1946 and you would be surprised at our breadth of knowledge when it comes to minerals! Sure, our company’s name has the word “Sand” in it – but the real key to our success are the “Solutions” we build around sand. That is why I like to say that we truly are GEMS in the mineral sense!

Written by Sharon Riesenbeck