Sand. You use it to topdress your athletic fields. And you used it when you brushed your teeth this morning.  “What?”

Sand is defined as rock or mineral grains ranging in size from 0.0625mm to 2mm. As a turf manager, you understand how valuable sand is to the life of your fields. Sand touches the rest of your life too.  “Even my teeth?”

The glass window you looked out to check the weather this morning was made from sand. So were the bricks in your house. That concrete walkway that leads to your shop? Of course, it’s formed by sand.  “What does that have to do with my teeth?”

Did you know that storing your garden tool blades in a bucket of sand will prevent rust?  “Should I store my toothbrush in sand too?”

It’s true. You used sand this morning when you brushed your teeth. Sand is added to toothpaste as an abrasive.  Think about Waupaca Sand & Solutions the next time you brush – and don’t forget to floss.