Best Sand for Building Beaches

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What is the correct sand to use when building a beach?  The types and sizes of sand on naturally-formed beaches vary widely.  So there is no one set of standards or specifications to follow when building a beach from scratch.  Instead, use these guidelines to select the best sand for your new beach.  Beach Sand


1. Put the Comfort of Beach-Goers First

The most important consideration is the feel of the sand.  Patrons will be walking in bare feet.  So choose a rounded or sub-angular sand.  Angular sands will be sharp and abrasive.  Also, make sure the sand is screened free of stones.


2. Minimize Dust

Nobody wants dust blowing in their eyes.  Avoid having a dusty beach by selecting a sand that contains minimal amounts of silt and fine sand particles.


3. Aesthetics Matter

A beautiful beach is warm and welcoming.  Pay attention to the look of the sand.  Chose a color that appeals to you.


4. Watch the Beach Budget

Use a local or regional sand to reduce the cost of transporting sand.


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Worst Sand for Volleyball Courts

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Sand volleyball…it’s the perfect summer sport.

But playing on a bad volleyball court can be painful.  What problems are caused by using the wrong sand?


Cuts & Scrapes: Ouch!  Sand containing small stones can slice players’ knees and scratch their feet.  Sand that is too angular can feel abrasive, like sandpaper.  Make sure your sand is screened to be free of gravel-sized particles.  Also avoid sand with highly angular particle shape.

Puddles: If your court has puddles, your players aren’t playing.  Find out the water infiltration rate of your sand.  This will tell you how fast rainwater will drain through the sand to keep the playing surface dry.  Install underdrainage below the sand if your budget allows.

Dust: Nobody wants to play in a dust bowl.  Dust stings players’ eyes and makes fans miserable.  Minimize dust by choosing a washed sand.  Washing cleans the dust-sized particles out of the sand.

Hardpan: Some sands compact too hard.  Hard surfaces are dangerous for players who like to dive and dig.  Often, the culprit is a dirty, unwashed sand.  Do not use sands which contain silt or clay, because they can pack hard, like concrete.

Neglected Courts: Even the best-built court can become dangerous if it’s not maintained regularly.  Remove debris and rake the sand every week to keep the surface safe, and playable.

For more information about volleyball court sand selection, please contact Waupaca Sand & Solutions.

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New Bunker Sand! This One’s a Trailblazer

Golf Course Solutions Blog

Posted by on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 02:26 PM

Introducing a new bunker sand from Waupaca Sand & Solutions!

New McHenry Pioneer Bunker sand is unlike any other bunker sand being manufactured in Illinois. McHenry Pioneer Bunker Sand

This sand has a high penetrometer value, so there is a very low tendency for the ball to bury.  Golfers’ shots will set up high on the sand.  No fried egg lies in bunkers built with McHenry Pioneer.

All other values fall well within long-established bunker guidelines.  Particle sizing, angle of repose, infiltration rate, and setup are right on target for great bunker performance.

You’ve got to experience this sand for yourself.  It feels different in your hand.  It plays different than the typical local sands used in the Midwest.  This is because of the unique production process this material goes through.

Have you been looking for a next-level bunker sand?  Build a test bunker with McHenry Pioneer.  You won’t regret it.

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Congratulations Dena – UWSP Hall of Famer

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Congratulations to Waupaca Sand’s Dena DiVincenzo!  Dena was recently inducted into the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Athletic Hall of Fame.

Dena was a four-year standout on the softball diamond and was a key part of the 1998 Pointers national championship team that was the first WIAC team to win a softball national championship.  Dena also helped the 1996 UWSP team to the College World Series berth and a regional championship.  UWSPHallofFame

She ranks fourth all-time in program history in batting average (.390) and is tied for fourth in triples (11).  She was a three-time All-WIAC performer and a Third Team All-American in her senior season.  Dena also holds program records for games in a season (55 in 1998) and runs in a season (50 in 1996).  Following her career, she was named to the WIAC All-Time Softball team in 2012.

“Individual success without team success is hollow and insignificant” Dena said during her acceptance speech.  “I’m only receiving this honor because our team achieved so much.”

Dena is proud that her career at Waupaca Sand & Solutions keeps her involved in the game.  “I’ve always had a passion for playing ball.  Waupaca Sand allows me to impact the game in an interesting way – by helping advance the science of manufacturing infield mixes so players can have better fields to play on.”

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Pétanque Anyone?

Sports Fields Blog

Posted by on Thursday, October 08, 2015 09:06 AM

What is pétanque?  It’s a French game similar to bocce ball or lawn bowling.  The goal is to throw metal balls as close as possible to the small ball named a cochonnet. petanque_court

Pétanque is played on a hard surface.  The game can be played on a formal court or in a makeshift area for impromptu matches.  Surfaces vary, but many players prefer the playing area to be a fine crushed aggregate.  Stone provides good drainage for a drier surface.  Properly-graded aggregate also forms a firm, stable surface important for playability and participant safety.

For this pétanque court at Northside Park in Wheaton, Illinois, the owner chose fine-screened red granite.  This material combines an attractive look with excellent playability.

Want to learn the basics of the sport?  Check out this timeless video:


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This Fall – Don’t Fail Your Infield

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Posted by on Friday, September 11, 2015 01:48 PM

Fall is in the air.  Football season is beginning.  Believe it or not…now is the perfect time to work on your baseball field.

 Ballfield Fall Maintenance

Put your baseball field to bed this winter in great condition, and it will be ready for you earlier in spring.


Don’t take a chance on spring weather giving you time to do maintenance on your field.  Get it done now.  Remove those lips, fill low areas, regrade the field, patch the mound.


Doing ballfield maintenance in the fall instead of spring is some of the best advice we can give.  Spring weather is often poor, and everyone is impatient to get games in.  Too often, working on ballfields in spring causes more damage than it fixes…if you can even get on the field to work it.  Then your spring season gets played on a field not in the condition you want it to be.


Give yourself a big head start on spring baseball season.  Get out and do that ballfield work now!


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Roll Out The Granite Carpet

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Posted by on Friday, August 21, 2015 10:05 AM

Granite is one of the hardest stones on the planet.  But it will be easy for your facility to impress when you welcome users with a striking stone walkway. glacier granite crushed

Glacier Granite is a new alternative to the standard rotten granites and rustic granites currently on the market.  It is a hard, long-lasting Wisconsin granite, priced affordably.

Golf course superintendents are using Glacier Granite for cartpaths.  The solid surface drains fast after a downpour.  The color looks outstanding next to the green turf.

Glacier Granite also packs firm on service paths, equipment parking lots, and driveways.

Park superintendents use the crushed stone for pathways and forest trails.  Granite lasts longer than mulch and resists washing away.

Baseball field managers like the firm footing for their warning tracks.  Some also use it in their dugouts and bullpen areas.

Want to see Glacier Granite being made?  Check out our video.

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