Golf Course Bunker Sand

Win the bunker battle by installing the sand that's right for your course! 

Waupaca Sand & Solutions manufactures a wide variety of bunker sands to enable you to choose the best penetrometer value, infiltration rate, and color for your maintenance needs and players' preferences.  Learn more about selecting bunker sand in our Resource Center.

North Face Bunker Sand

North Faceâ„¢ Bunker Sand

  • Our most popular bunker sand
  • Used extensively for renovation and new construction in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois
  • Sized for proper ball support, while allowing good drainage
  • Consistent quality load after load, year after year

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Steep Face Bunker Sand

Steep Face Bunker Sand

  • Very firm manufactured sand
  • Stays in place on steep bunker faces
  • Resists blowing away in windy areas
  • Professional-level playability

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McHenry Pioneer Bunker Sand

  • Only sand of its kind being manufactured in Illinois
  • High penetrometer reading
  • Higher-than-average angle of repose to adhere to bunker faces
  • Pro-level firm set-up

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Rockford Bunker Sand

Roscoe Premium Bunker Sand

  • Washed and sized for excellent drainage
  • Attractive light buff color
  • Economical bunker sand for golf courses in North Central Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

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Dousman Bunker Sand

Dousman Premium Bunker Sand

  • Good quality bunker sand for golf courses in Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Consistent particle sizing from year-to-year
  • Fast drainage
  • Very good playability

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Morris Bunker Sand

Morris Premium Bunker Sand

  • Best-performing bunker sand manufactured west of Chicago
  • Consistent quality and playability
  • Washed free of silt, clay, and stones

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Northeast Illinois Premium Bunker Sand

  • Affordable bunker sand for golf courses throughout Chicagoland
  • Firm ball support
  • Attractive, light brown color

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Central Illinois Bunker Sand

Central Illinois Premium Bunker Sand

  • Manufactured in Central Illinois
  • Washed free of silt and clay for outstanding drainage
  • Tested and monitored to ensure consistent quality
  • High quality sand priced to be affordable for customers in Peoria, Springfield, and surrounding areas

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Best Bunker Sand

Bestâ„¢ Tour Grade Bunker Sand

  • Beautiful white sand used on the most exclusive clubs in the U.S.
  • Very angular sand adheres to steep bunker faces
  • High penetrometer reading for firmest ball support 
  • Three grades of Tour Grade sands available

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How Much Bunker Sand Do I Need?

Use this online calculator to estimate how much bunker sand you'll need!
Developed by Purdue University Department of Agronomy-Turfgrass Science


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