Golf Course Topdressing

Topdressing from Waupaca Sand & Solutions.  You know it.  You trust it.  Some people say they love it. 

More superintendents in Wisconsin and Illinois trust Fines Freeâ„¢ Topdressing Sand for their greens topdressing.  We hold our topdressing sand to the highest standards of consistency.

When you put your greens on a Fines Freeâ„¢ topdressing program, you know that you will be getting the same quality material load after load, year after year, decade after decade.



Fines Freeâ„¢ Kiln-Dried Topdressing Sand

  • Dried, sterilized, and precision-fractionated
  • Clean, consistent medium-grade sand
  • Exceeds USGA® recommendations for greens topdressing sand
  • Tested extensively to ensure that you will receive the same consistent sand...load after load, year after year
  • Trusted by golf course superintendents throughout Wisconsin and Illinois

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Fines Freeâ„¢ Non Dried Topdressing Sand

  • Similar in gradation and performance to Fines Freeâ„¢ Kiln-Dried Topdressing Sand
  • Meets all USGA® recommendations for greens topdressing
  • Manufactured in several locations throughout the Midwest to minimize expensive shipping costs
  • Confidently used by superintendents for decades

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Premium 80/20 Topdressing

  • Combination of Fines Freeâ„¢ Topdressing Sand and peat moss
  • Great for topdressing native soil greens, short-cut tees, and approaches
  • Also used for divot mix media
  • Precision-blended by SportZmix Soilblending Solutions

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Masqueradeâ„¢ Green-Dyed Topdressing Sand

  • Fines Freeâ„¢ Topdressing Sand dyed dark green
  • For topdressing bare spots in high-profile areas
  • Available with or without sphagnum peat moss for improved water-holding capacity
  • Shipped in bulk, 2,000 pound totes, and 50-pound bags
  • Ask us about blending your seed with Masquerade to create a custom divot mix

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Fairway Topdressing Sand

  • Economical sand
  • Clean and accurately-sized for fairway topdressing
  • Meets USGA® recommendations for construction-grade sand

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Greens Construction Mix

  • Fairway topdressing sand with added organic matter
  • Use for topdressing approaches or fairways that need additional organic content
  • Meets USGA® recommendations for rootzone construction mixes
  • Precision-blended by SportZmix Soilblending Solutions

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How Much Topdressing Do I Need?

Use this online calculator to estimate how much topdressing sand you'll need!
Developed by Purdue University Department of Agronomy-Turfgrass Science



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