Baseball & Softball Infield Mix

Infield Mixes from Waupaca Sand & Solutions.  You know them.  You trust them. 
Some people say they love them. 

Our infield mixes are installed in hundreds of fields throughout the United States.  All are manufactured to meet tight standards for skinned areas on baseball and softball fields.  Whether you prefer a heavy sand/clay blend for increased firmness, a lighter sand/clay blend for better drainage, or a quick-drying limestone infield skin, we have an infield dirt for your facility.  Custom blends are also available! 

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Sure-Hopâ„¢ Classic Infield Mix /
AA Sure-Hop Engineered Infield Mix Natural  

  • Trusted, reliable infield mix for baseball and softball fields
  • Consistent sand/silt/clay blend
  • Guaranteed no sticks, and no kidding!
  • Dark color contrasts with ball to improve safety
  • Installed in hundreds of fields throughout the U.S.

Ships to: IA, IL, IN, MI, TX, WI



Sure-Hopâ„¢ Red Infield Mix /
AAA Sure-Hop Engineered Infield Mix Red

  • Red color gives your field an instand "WOW" factor
  • Turns and ordinary-looking field into a showcase field
  • Proven sand/silt/clay balance ensures optimum playability
  • Firm footing and predictable ball bounce

Ships to: IA, IL, IN, MI, WI





Sure-Hopâ„¢ Pro Infield Mix /
Red-Hop Pro Infield Mix

  • Our heaviest clay mix creates a very firm infield base
  • Rich natural red color
  • Best traction for runners and fielders
  • Use to firm up baselines or other soft areas on loose fields
  • Best mix for college, professional, and semi-pro fields

Ships to: IA, IL, IN, MN, MI, OK, TX, WI




Dirt Cheap Infield Mix

  • Basic, no-frills engineered infield dirt
  • Economical choice for ballfields in Chicagoland
  • Firm surface promotes excellent surface drainage
  • Good infield surface for schools, parks & little league fields

Ships to: IL





Quickpitch Red Limestone Infield Mix

  • Fastest drying after a rain
  • Superior drainage
  • No need to add expensive drying agents to your field
  • Red color improves safety by contrasting white ball
  • Solid playing surface
  • Little maintenance required

Ships to: IL, WI






Michigan Limestone Infield Mix

 Michigan Limestone

  • Fastest drying after a rain
  • Superior drainage
  • No need to add expensive drying agents to your field
  • Solid playing surface

Ships to: MI





How Much Infield Mix Will I Need?

Our easy-to-use online calculator can estimate how much infield mix you'll need...simply fill in your field measurements!

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