Blackjack Industrial Abrasive

Blackjack brand abrasives are a specially fractionated and dried coal slag product that is extremely hard and sharp which provides excellent cutting and finish removal.  The final process produces three grades.  1240 coarse, 2040 medium, 3060 fine.



Features of Blackjack Industrial Abrasive

  • Black color

  • Hard, angular particles

  • Moisture free and clean

  • Chemically inert

  • Low free silica



Grades & Applications

  • 1240 COARSE:
    Machinery, heavy equipment, bridges, oil rigs, mining equipment, and ships

  • 2040 MEDIUM:
    Medium coating, structural steel, stone lettering, and machine parts

  • 3060 FINE:
    Light surface rust, scale removal, light deburring, and glass etching.



Physical Properties

  • Shape: Angular

  • Color: Black

  • BD:   80-90 # / CF

  • Specific Gravity:  2.7

  • Hardness: 7

  • Melting Point:  2300 F


Chemical Analysis

  • SiO2:  49%

  • Al2O3:  22%

  • Fe2O3:  19%

  • CaO:  7%

  • Carbon:  0.24%




  • 50 # bags

  • 100 # bags

  • 3000# super sacks

  • Bulk



Distribution Point


Waupaca Sand & Solutions, a division of

Faulks Bros Construction

E3481 Hwy 22 & 54

Waupaca, WI 54981



Customer pick up or delivery via pneumatic, dump, flats or vans

Blackjack may also be used with the following two products to further enhance its capabilities:



A blasting additive that  used to reduce potential hazardous materials to non-hazardous conditions.


Blastox is effective in reducing the leachablitiy of heavy metals including lead.

Blastox is produced by the TDJ group, Inc. and is added to the Blackjack at the request of the costumer.



Prevent Dust Suppressant represents a major advancement in dust control technology.

Reduces respirable dust by up to 90%.  We can blend Prevent into our bulk Blackjack product upon request.

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