Athletic Field Construction Mixes

Sports Field Construction mixesPrecision-blended construction mixes for athletic fields desiring a sand-based rootzone system.  All of our construction mixes begin with sand that meets USGA recommendations for rootzone sand.  Blended with organic or inorganic amendments to create the ideal growing medium for your football, soccer, or baseball field.


Greens Construction Mixes

Precision-graded sand and sphagnum blended to varying ratios based upon performance and customer specification.  Greens Construction Mixes make a premier growing medium for new construction or renovation of athletic fields.


7/2/1 TDMâ„¢

A combination of sand, peat humus, and sphagnum peat moss.  Designed for increased moisture and nutrient retention.  It is ideally suited for soil profiles of 5-8" in depth.


6/3/1 TDMâ„¢

Our richest organic-based mix created for high moisture and nutrient retention.  This material has specific uses for drainage systems and can also be used for seed/soil type mixes.


Custom Mixes

Do you have a project requiring a different mix?  Do you prefer porous ceramics, compost, topsoil, or other amendments in your rootzone?  We have the experience and equipment to make a custom mix specifically for your project.


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