Sports Turf Topdressing

Topdressing athletic fields is a key to maintaining safe and healthy turf.  Topdressing aids thatch breakdown, increases smoothness, and helps with infiltration of surface water.  Better aeration of the rootzone due to less compaction also benefits the turfs health.  Increasing numbers of sportsturf managers have implemented topdressing programs for their football fields, soccer fields and turf areas of baseball fields. Topdressing_Sports

Using a topdressing material that has the proper performance is critical.  Our staff can help with specific problems and explain the benefits of using sand-based topdressings in a maintenance plan.  All sands are not alike, so topdressing materials need to be tested so you receive the results you expect.  Each of our topdressings meet stringent guidelines to ensure quality performance.


Sportsfield Topdressing Sand

  • Graded to optimum particle size for excellent percolation
  • Washed free of silt, clay & smaller particles that inhibit drainage
  • Designed for use on fields with sand-based rootzones or for the turf manager on a budget.

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Sportsfield 80/20 Topdressing

  • A blend of sportsfield topdressing sand and peat humus
  • Peat adds nutrient retention capacity
  • Allows the excellent compaction resistance of a sandy growing medium.

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7/2/1 TDMâ„¢

  • Homogeneous blend of sand, and two organic sources
  • Designed for increased moisture and nutrient retention
  • Dark color and organic content aid seed germination
  • Great for topdressing native-soil fields and for building crowns on football fields.

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Midnight Mix

  • "Heavy" blend of sand and organic materials
  • Ideal for topdressing native-soil soccer fields and football fields
  • Great seed starter when applied in conjunction with overseeding

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Please call today to see which one of these materials is best suited for your application.  We have a qualified staff to help you with your decision.

How Much Material Will I Need?

Our easy-to-use online calculator can estimate how much topdressing your athletic field will need...simply fill in your field measurements!


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